Jim Knight

Jim Knight – ‘A Deck of Days’

 A devotee to the art of obscurity, Jim has spent years in the musical shadowlands building uncategoriseable guitar-based worlds under various guises. ‘A Deck of Days’ is his first album released under his given name. These tracks feature big skied guitar tones, hewn for bell-like chime and music box dreaminess. Layers of looped melodic lines bifurcate through labyrinthine chains of effects, weaving time-slipped counter narratives, shimmering auras and liquid otherworld reflections. All knocked into shape by drum machine rivets that whisper, gasp, crack and boom in sympathetic unison.

There’s a bittersweet tenderness to this collection; a softening or ripening compared to the more jagged and abrasive textures Jim tends to favour in his other projects. It hints at a more forgiving worldview, reflected in the title, with its allusion to cartomancy and fate as a way to interpret the unfolding circumstances of our lives, measured in units of time.